My Basketball Experience

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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Jaynyah Bland
Miss B.
English1-2nd per.
Dec 7. 2012

My Basketball Experience
When I was in the 8th grade, I came back to public school. I was eager to make the basketball team. My friends who were on the team last year motivated me to tryout. So after school I went to the tryouts and surprisingly, I saw most of my friends there. The coach, coach Huff, had us do lay ups, free throws, running up the bleachers, three point line shooting, two point line shooting, and suicides. Then we had to run a couple of plays, and I was so tired I could barely keep up with the other girls. Coach Huff had substituted me out with this other girl. My attitude went from happy and transformed into heart-breaking and demented. When tryouts were over, I went home, got my basketball, and started practicing outside. I was satisfied with what I did that night. The next day at tryouts, I was better and on point. I made all of my shots and scored four points in our practice game. That was the last day of tryouts, and I went from ok to off the wall. When we were leaving, coach Huff told us to check the school website. That night I plunged onto the computer and while dreading the worst, I hollered, because my name was right beside the number six. I made the team; I was on my 1st school team!

When I first failed, my mommy told me not to venture off my current path, but keep practicing, because I was going to get better. That motivated me to obtain the knowledge I needed and gave me momentum to keep practicing. It was bizarre because, I started to see improvement in my game and started to believe, that I could do it. I took my failure and used it in everything I did. I had to go through a lot in my experience. First I had to get over my fear and approach the tryouts. Then I had to go out onto the court and show my skills for a whole week. Even though I was looking a little wan, I still had to show up to check if my name was on the team list.

My experience changed me as a person by...
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