Mutilingual Essay

Topics: Second language, English language, Multilingualism Pages: 10 (1707 words) Published: May 23, 2013

I recall a friend asking me, “What do you call a person that speaks two

languages?” To which I responded “bilingual of course.” Then he proceeded to asking, “What do

you call a person who only speaks one language?” As I sat there dumbfounded searching deep in

the back of my mind for the correct word, he said “an American” and began to laugh. It may

seem like a just a little joke—perhaps funny or not, depending on how you take it—but it has a

strong reality behind it. Americans tend to only speak English. They’ve managed to get by with

this because others countries have adapted and learned their language to get a piece of the

American economy. But as we look further into the future with the U.S. economy falling and as

other economies such as China and India’s began to grow, their will to learn a foreign language

may no longer be there. Americans need to realize that learning a second language is vital for the

prosperity and growth of not only the individual himself, but for the country as a whole.

Learning a second language can help kids boost their brain power, adults with their career and

help you in your decision making in the everyday life.

A foreign language can help you go different countries or regions that do no use your

language. You can communicate with people by learning a language of the country that maybe

you always wanted to visit. People in this country may believe that speaking English can help

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you in any country you go to but they are wrong. In some countries people don’t believe that

English is an important language for their country to learn. If you go to another country it will be

necessary for a person to know how to speak the language, how to read the signs and how to read


Learning a second language should be mandatory for each individual from a young age.

Studies show that a young child picks up a foreign language more easily than at any other point

in their life. Learning a second language at a young age helps kids with their brain activity such

as making fast decisions, solve internal conflicts and strengthens the brains cognitive muscle.

This helps the kid see what is out there in the world instead of being in their own little world. At

a young age, the children are curious and eager to know and learn new things. They want to see

what is out in the world and how many different things there are. At a young age the child does

not have to fear to make a mistake. They can repeat words without feeling embarrassed, whereas

adults worry about making mistakes. The child can pick up a foreign language easily than a adult

at the age of 14. It is hard for kids to think that they need to learn another language at the age

of 14 when they have never been exposed to another language other than English. They believe

that they can go anywhere in the world if they only know the language of English. At the age of

14 kids have other subjects to learn than a foreign language. I believe that a child should learn

a foreign language at a earlier age than the age of 14. They will be able to pick up the language

quicker and will be able to learn more than one language.

Learning a foreign language can help a person train their brain in many ways. You

can better communicate with everyone and you will also be a good communicator. You can

properly understand the grammar and interpret the different meanings of different words in

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different languages. Speaking multiple language will help you think fast and solve real world

problems faster and easier. A person can learn that the way they communicate is not the best

way they thought it was. They can learn great...
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