Musyawarah Mufakat Indonesia

Topics: Democracy, Indonesia, Tyranny of the majority Pages: 8 (2448 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Musyawarah is a process of discussion of the issue in order to reach a joint decision. The resulting consensus is the agreement after discussion and the collective bargaining process. So it is a process of deliberation to discuss issues together in order to reach a mutual agreement. Deliberation is done as a way to avoid a vote that produced a minority and majority groups. With deliberation expected two or more parties disagree not continue fighting and got a middle ground. Therefore, in the process of deliberation, it is necessary to have humility and sincerity.

In social life, consensus agreement has several immediate benefits, as follows: a) a proper way to address the clash of ideas.
b) To reduce the use of violence in fighting for the interests. c) To avoids and resolve potential conflicts.

Pancasila democracy is the theory of democracy inspired by Pancasila as contained in the precepts on Pancasila particular fourth principle, which reads, "democracy led by wisdom wisdom in your deliberations/ representative, a formulation which is short of Pancasila democracy. Deliberation is the value resulting from the roots of Indonesian culture. Consensus agreement as expressly stated in these four basic precepts of our country, namely Pancasila. Fourth principle of Pancasila Indonesia confirmed that the principle of democracy should be run in a way that thoughtful deliberation. Theory Pancasila democracy is of the view that all matters related to social problems should be resolved through the consensus agreement. Theory of Pancasila democracy contradicts the theory of liberal democracy in which liberal democracy using a voting system as happened in countries.

Currently deliberation always been linked with the political world. Though it can not be separated, in principle, deliberation is part of democracy, in the determination of the Pancasila democracy is done by consensus agreement and in the event of a prolonged stalemate did do voting, so democracy not the same as voting. Voting is likely chosen by the majority of democratic countries because it is more practical, time-saving and simpler than the convoluted discussion that is why voting tend to be synonymous with democracy but in fact is one way the referendum mechanism in a democratic system.

The basic principle of the state appears in concept Musyawarah-Mufakat. In it, people have the same position, but the decision wasn’t taken through voting mechanism/ election of a majority vote. Consensus Deliberation mechanism, there is no minority or majority voting mechanism should in. Consensus deliberation gives space for everyone to agree on a common agenda, which is then carried together. The spirit is clearly different from the spirit in which liberal democracy in practice can be seen in the elections.

Democracy Indonesia is part of the democratic world. Growth and development of democracy in Indonesia is closely related to knowledge that is absorbed by the people of Indonesia of Western education. New ideas about freedom, democracy, and human rights that have spread to Asia and Africa provide an additional energy for people's liberation from colonialism and Western imperialism.

The experience of the liberation movement of the people who are motivated by the values ​​of human rights and democracy has become a reference for the founding fathers of Indonesia to establish a country that lives by the values ​​of democracy and law.

In practice, democracy in Indonesia has experienced several experimentations. Parliamentary democracy was practiced since Indonesia’s independence in 1945 and provisional constitution in 1950. Because of the over changing and unstable government, limited presidential powers (which merely become an approval authority/rubber stamp president), the dissatisfaction of soldiers that are not too involved in political affairs, plus the disagreement of the Constituent Assembly on the basis of the new constitution, the President issued...
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