Muslim Culture

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  • Published : September 6, 2008
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My Reactions to the Muslim Culture
Savannah State University
June 25, 2008

In the United States, Americans die every day; however, the dying process and funeral rituals are different from culture to culture. As professional workers we must be aware and have knowledge of a variety of culture behaviors when it comes to death. Before doing this assignment I had little knowledge about other cultures rituals and arrangements on death. In the social work profession a client’s culture background is very important and in order to be an effective social worker we must be aware and have knowledge on the entire life span process of our clients from birth to death. Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Baptist and different religion preferences are diverse within themselves. No religion has one race or class.

The dying process of Muslims is unique. When someone is ill and is about to die the people in this culture grieve in their own unique way. First, they have the individual who is dying to join them in saying chants and scriptures from the Qur’an. My thoughts on that are when people have the opportunity to say their last word, I believe they should acknowledge God and thank Him and if they need forgiveness they should repent; however, I think a person should also share some last words with their family members too. People last words should be whatever they want them to be and although I don’t agree with the request, I will still respect my client’s culture. Second, I think closing the eyes of the decease is appropriate, but I feel as if a person reactions to dying and losing a love one should not be measure and given restrictions on how to grieve and how long. Dying is a unique process that everyone who is born a man or woman must endure. I was shock to read that excessive mourning was forbidden by their culture.

The Mourning process is time limit process in the Muslim culture. The...
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