Music of Brazil

Topics: Rio de Janeiro, Samba, Brazil Pages: 3 (993 words) Published: October 12, 2010
The Music of Brazil
Brazilian culture is a culture that is has a very diverse nature. An ethnic and cultural mixing occurred during the colonial period between with the Native Americans, Portuguese and Africans forming the bulk of Brazilian culture. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries Italian, German, Spanish, Arab and Japanese immigrants settled in Brazil and played an important role in creating a multicultural country. “Although Brazil is considered the fifth largest country in the world, and a total land mass larger than the U.S., most people are only familiar with two of it’s musical forms, the first being Samba and the second being Bossa Nova”. Music plays a major role in Brazilian life, and Brazil’s music is as wide as the country itself and also as diverse as it’s people.

The first people to reach this land named Brazil were the Portuguese around the 1500’s and also started importing African slaves for labor duties. As a result of this, there is an Afro-European fusion to the music of the country. The Afro-European traditions in Brazil differ in rhythm and in dance form because the dance does not take the couple form that it does elsewhere. The first major type of musical influence seen in Brazil was called Choro. Choro was developed in Rio de Janeiro around the 19th century out of a blend of Portuguese fado and European salon music. “After a period of time Choro evolved into a type of Dixieland, jazz musical style and went through a revival in the 1960’s”.

Branching off of Choro is probably the most popular musical from of Brazil called Samba. Samba in a Brazilian dance and musical genre that is derived from strong African roots. It is considered a symbol of Brazil and Brazilian Carnival. This is seen on the 2nd track of the CD provided. The song on the CD is from a concert in Brazil represents the Samba music of the carnival, where thousands sing along and participate with the band. “Also one of the most popular Brazilian cultural...
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