Music in Japan

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Music in Japan

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1: Introduction
2: Back Ground Information
3: Elements of Music
4: Occasions for Music
5: How culture is kept alive
6: Conclusion
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*Rough Notes
Japan is well known for its variety or cultures and traditions in the “East Asia.” There are many cultural festivals and events all year round. Japan has a great variety of temples, such as the temple “Bell” and “Main Hall.” The temple Bell is known because on New Year’s Eve, the temple’s bell rings 108 times corresponding to the Buddhist concept of 108 worldly desires. The temple Main Hall is well known because it contains sacred objects of worship such as statues which are displayed in the Main Hall. Main halls are called kondo, hondo, butsuden, amidado or hatto in Japanese. Japan also has the world’s busiest subway or train station at Shinjuku, Tokyo. They server over 700,000 passengers a day! Japan’s population is approximately 127 million people. Japan has many great different types of traditional music, such as gagaku, biwagaku and much more!

Back Ground Information
Japan is located east of china and Korea. It is south east of Russia’s border. Japan is split into a total of 5 parts. The parts are called “Okinawa”, “Kyushu”, “Shikoku”, “Honshu” and “Hokkaido.” Spring is probably the best season in Japan because it’s the time when Sakura flowers bloom, does not rain as much during the other seasons and there are a wide variety of events during the spring because of the great weather (golden week). During the winter season in Japan it is extremely cold if you go up north to Hokkaido but it is a great spot if you want to ski/snowboard or even onsen hopping! Onsen hopping is when you go in a hot spring and jump from one to another. Summer in Japan can be extremely...
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