Muriels Wedding Visual Representation

Topics: Abstraction, Symbol, Emotion Pages: 1 (374 words) Published: December 2, 2012
In the movie Muriel’s Wedding, there are many things that had repetition throughout the movie which gave symbolization of what it meant to the characters identity and events that occurred within the movie. In my representation, I have decided to pick particular scenes and shots from the movie to give the viewer an idea of what the movie can be about and the symbolism it holds. I have decided to use five scenes with the images at the top of the page Muriel at the beginning of the movie struggling to fit in or belong in any way as seen by the drink thrown in her face and her four “friends” all with the emotion of anger and disgust on their faces. Also to top it all off the quote “you’ve got no dignity, Muriel” in the second box with Muriel sad and unhappy can give much indication of what Muriel suffers at the beginning of the movie. With third image in the middle is Muriel in her room sad and miserable. This can also enhance the meaning and emotion of Muriel not fitting in, with the sad look on her face, slouching, make up and clothes. This can give indication of Muriel thinking and wondering. This particular shot is very important as it symbolizes and enhances the emotion of the main character. This can be due to the angle at which the camera is placed. With the bottom two pictures, there is indication that change occurs. This is shown by the images of Muriel smiling and laughing also by the clothes she wearing such as the wedding dress and ABBA outfit giving indication that she is being true to herself and finding her way. Particular in the last photo with Rhonda, both them getting in the car to leave smiling which symbolizes joy in both of them, this shot truly shows that Muriel has found her way, made a true friend and now fully knows what she wants. With these shots you can get a basic idea of what the movie is about, what occurs and the emotions that are undergone, each shot plays an important part in the chain of events that occur within the movie,...
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