Topics: Ethics, Morality, Immanuel Kant Pages: 6 (2009 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Guidelines for Students
Word Length
* You are required to write one essay, 800 - 1000 words in length: Topic
* Certain topics, may not actually pose dilemmas, and would not be appropriate. * Topic can be chosen from the list. If you have your own idea for the topic, please check with your tutor first. * The topic chosen should, ideally, not be too closely related to your course of study. Please do not recycle versions of material previously produced elsewhere.

* Essay must illustrate an ethical dilemma.
* Please make your personal stand clear!
* Argument must be from multiple points of view / show all sides of the issue. * Try to display deep critical thinking and analysis instead of just giving a list of facts. * Please avoid making unsupported statements.

* Please give the necessary evidence: statistics / case studies / facts / quotes

Referencing & SafeAssign
* Please cite any references you use. Use in-text citations / footnotes and a bibliography / list of references * Refer to NP’s ‘Plagiarism Policy’ on MeL
* Submit your work through SafeAssign.
* More importantly, please submit a hard copy to your lecturer in class.

Mark Sheet for Essay is attached.

Name: Nguyen Quang Linh| Register No.:|
Lecturer: Alicia Wong Swee Lynn| Class: T05| Date Submitted:June 4, 2010| Topic:Murder|
Content & Organisation (25 marks)| Marks| Expression (5 marks)| Marks| * Quality of ideas / critical thinking * Complexity: Dilemma is shown. * Relevance: Essay addresses an ethical situation. * A clear stand is present. * Both sides are shown. * Essay is well-supported with real-life evidence. | / 25| * Fully comprehensible * Structurally sound * Lexically appropriate * Well-organised & coherent| / 5| Total Marks:/ 30 |

Marker’s Comments:|
Annex: The following description of the story has been typed down from a video of a lecture at Harvard University. This is for simplicity’s sake. A more detailed and formal description of the case can be found here: or

“A shattered story of disaster at sea which never told the net of the survivors the yacht Mignonette. There were four in the crew, Dudley was the captain, Steven was the first maid, and Brooks was the sailor, all men of excellent character. The fourth crew member was a cabin boy, Richard Parker, 17 years old. He was an orphan, he had no family and he was on his first long voyage at sea. He went, rather against the advice of his friends, he went in a hopefulness of youthful ambition, thinking the journey would make a man of him, sadly, it was not to be. The fact of the case was not in dispute, a wave hit the ship, and the Mignonette went down. The four crew members escaped to a life boat, the only food they had were two cans of preserved turnips, no fresh water. For the first three days, they ate nothing. On the fourth day, they opened one of the cans of turnips and ate it. The next day they caught a turtle, together with the other can of turnips, the turtle enabled them to subsist for the next few days and for eight days, they had nothing, no food and no water. Imagine yourself in a situation like that, what would you do? Here’s what they did. By now, the cabin boy, Parker is lying at the bottom of the lifeboat, in the corner, because he’s drunk sea water, against the advice of the others and he had become ill, and he appeared to be dying, so on the 19th day, Dudley, the captain, suggested that they should all have a lottery, that they would draw lots to see who will die to save the rest. Brooks refused; he didn’t like the lottery idea. We don’t know whether this...
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