Topics: Media multitasking, Psychology, Multitasking Pages: 3 (889 words) Published: January 26, 2013
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Name: Chee Xinyin

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Multitasking; the ability to administer more than one task at the same time, has become an essential skill which we need to equip ourselves with so as to be seen as efficient in this demanding society. Our society is recognizing multitasking as a talent. When one is required to list a skill in his resume, multitasking will definitely be one of them. Despite how well we multitask, it is said to have reverse effects. Studies have shown that multitasking means to force the brain to respond to numerous stimuli at the same time. In another study, it is said that humans are not made to multitask. Instead, we are made to focus on just one task. Multitasking would lead to time lost as the brain needs to decide which job to perform. It has become one of the stress contributors as well. With the presence of stress, we are actually accomplishing less even though we seem to be accomplishing more. The effects of multitasking have also cause an impact on the Z-generation. With access to media technologies, they have become multitasking experts but have also become impatient and uncontended when things begin to slow down. In order for us to slow down and take on fewer roles, we need to learn what it means to pay attention. As multitasking is causing our attentions to wander; we need to bring the attention back, making it unshakeable so that we can focus on one task and give our best to it.

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I would think the statement is true to a complete extent. Singapore is a small country and our only natural resource would be people. Without any other natural resources, we need to take on double roles and work doubly hard. Therefore, the ability to multitask would be very apt for one to live in Singapore. As a fast paced society, we are forced to multitask so that...
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