Multiple Roles of the President: American Government

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Multiple Roles of the President: American Government

The president of the United States has to fulfill many roles. He not only has to serve as the political leader but also as the social leader. The president must put on a smile when meeting the public but a serious face when holding meetings. The president must be Chief of State, Chief Executive, Chief Diplomat, Commander in Chief, Chief Legislator, Chief of Party, and Economic Leader.

The chief of state requires the president to exemplify American people. The president must become the living symbol of the nation. As chief of state, the president must speak to the public and shake the hands of the citizens. For example, the president must greet visitors to the white house. The president must also represent the United States of international meetings when meeting foreign leaders. For example, President Obama met with the leader of South Korea regarding the North Korean attack on the south. The president discussed American ideals on this issue.

As chief executive, the president must make sure the laws are enforced, appoint officials, grant pardons, issue executive order, and coordinate the departments and agencies. The president must oversee federal agencies, appoint directors, and create policies in order to determine their goals. The president must also appoint federal judges and Supreme Court Justices. Theoretically, the president is the “boss” of many government workers in the executive branch. For example, the president appoints the head of the CIA and holds cabinet meetings. In 2011, President Obama held a meeting discussing the debate of health care. As chief executive, the president enters office with a few plans. For example, deomcrats prefer to expand on social services while republicans wish to decrease government spending. The president is surrounded by cabinet heads who constantly advise him. During the State of Union address, the president addresses the goals of the administration.

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