Multiple Birth Reduction

Topics: Pregnancy, Morality, Fetus Pages: 3 (1160 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Multiple Births Reductions
Is terminating a fetus morally right? It has been said that a fetus is not a person but just living cells. Multiple birth reduction is used to eliminate one or more fetuses from the womb because the child is unwanted, unhealthy for the mother, unhealthy for the other children or financially unstable. Are any of these reasons good enough to kill a child? Is there any reason good enough? In an article I have read called, PREPARATION FOR PRACTICE IN THE NEW MILLENNIUM: A DISCUSSION OF THE MORAL IMPLICATIONS OF MULTIFETAL PREGNANCY REDUCTION, written by Ann-Marie Begley, she discusses the moral rights of MFPR (multi-fetal pregnancy reductions) and interviews a couple that is pregnant with 7 babies and interested in MFPR. In the New York Times magazine I found another great article written by Ruth Padawer that discusses on how the MFPR works and what it is good for. This article is more for the drug rather than the other article I found that was written by Ann-Marie Begley who is against MFPR. They both have very interesting views on the topic.

The relevance for my first source which I found at the online website “New York Times” written by Ruth Padawer turned out to be good. They focus mostly on interviews and stories of families that decide to use the MFPR, Which is important to know because it is real life situations and we get the chance to read and see how they are handled. The source was posted August 10, 2011 which is very well up to date. This is a very unheard of procedure that even I was unaware of until it came time to write this paper and I stumbled across it. The article could seem a little superficial because it mainly is directed toward interviews and it doesn’t give any real good reasons for why MFPR is good except for the heath factor. All the other reasons seemed tiny and not very well backed up. The reliability of the source is strong. It comes from a very popular newspaper/web site called New York Times. Ruth...
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