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Topics: Caffeine, Drug addiction, Coffee Pages: 7 (2448 words) Published: March 30, 2012
A brewed cup of coffee has between 80 and 135 mg of caffeine. If you drink two cups of coffee a day you are consuming more than what is medically recommended. In large doses caffeine can cause cardiac problems and respiratory distress. I found this to be very interesting. I do drink a lot of coffee and have never thought that issues I was dealing with were being caused by the caffeine I was drinking. When I stopped drinking coffee in the large quantities I found life improved. I drink coffee to socialize with others, at times to give me energy to study and sometimes for the pure enjoyment of it. Most people drink for the very same reasons. It has become engrained in our society to go get a cup of Joe with friends and catch up on the latest things. Business partners will go get a cup of coffee while settling over a big deal. Students will use it to stay awake late into the night to study for finals. It isn’t just America that coffee and caffeine are so engrained. It is all over the world. Each country drinks different forms of caffeine and has at times very extensive rituals when it comes to drinking coffee. An interesting fact I found: countries who cannot grow coffee are the biggest consumers of it. Caffeine has a lot of side effects if drunk in large quantities. We overlook its faults because we feel we can live with the side effects. It doesn’t have effects that are as life threatening as tobacco and alcohol products. So it is easily put out of our minds. The other reason we ignore it as a drug is because it is a part of our culture and how we socialize with those around us. If we view it as a drug, we have to treat it as one; which would then mean we would have to change our culture, our life styles and the way we socialize with our friends and family.

“Caffeine is the most widely consumed psychoactive substance and is a legal stimulant that is readily available to children. Caffeine has occasionally been considered a drug of abuse and the potential for dependence on caffeine has been debated.” Naoshi Ogawa M.D.

Dear Coffee,
      It’s been so long since we last saw each other. I miss your aroma and warmth. Why do you have to be gone for so long? It has been ages since we last saw each other, like 8 o’clock this morning. You complete me. The day seems to stretch on and on. I can’t think or function without you.  Just to be able to hold you; to slowly, gently sip your luscious drink of the gods and to lick every last drop of you out from the depths of my coffee cup, but alas I can’t. That bull headed lug two cubicles down grabbed you before I could. He man handled you and roughly gulped you down without a thought in his thick skull of how coffee should be treated. If only I could have been there before him. O my love, remember when I first laid my eyes on you. That was such a great day. We should have days like that every day. I can’t bare this separation any longer. Brew for me when you get this. Sincerely,

Your Caffeine Addict

Caffeine is the most commonly used psychoactive drug in the world, consumed daily by approximately 80% of the world’s population

Your heavenly scent awakens me
Dark hot fluid calls my name
A day without you
Is like a car without wheels
A dog with no bark
A world with no purpose

Ah heavenly scent that beckons me
Warming to the belly from a cold day’s work
Liquid life that warms body and soul

Heavenly scent that awakens me
Memories of laughing
Friends gathering

Life without you, is without life

Caffeine is found in so many different plants it is a natural pesticide that can paralyze and kill insects that feed upon the plant.

Yes, People Are Right. Caffeine Is Addictive.
Published: October 05, 1994
RESEARCHERS have confirmed for the first time the widely held belief that some people are addicted to caffeine in the same way that others are addicted to cigarettes, alcohol or intravenous drugs. Caffeine addicts may...
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