Mu Alpha Teta

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I would love to join the Mu Alpha Theta/Math Society because I am passionate about numbers, equations, formulas & anything that has to do with math, I just love it. Since I enjoy math I know that I will succeed in the Math Society. I will see it as something I enjoy & look forward to. I am a very dedicated person, especially if it comes to something that I like, like math. I’m good with math, once I’ve learned and master the objective I’ll be able to solve it and maybe even find a short cut for the problem that I’m solving. I’m responsible with what I do and what I have to get done. I am not a procrastinator; I tend to try to get my work done as soon as possible to get it out of the way. I feel as if I would be accepted to the math society I could bring some creativity to the table. As well I am willing to take part of my time to put into this organization by helping out in anything that is need. For example, maybe fundraisers, community service or any other things where my assistance maybe be need. I’m also aware of the benefits that joining the math society will bring. One, of course it’s going to look great in my college transcript. Two, I’ve heard I will receive a scholarship when I graduate, which that is more than great. ,
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