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Microsoft Office applications help keep track of various forms of information. Microsoft Word for example helps in typing and processing Word documents. PowerPoint helps in the delivery of business presentations. The Office suite of programs like Word, Excel, Powerpoint and probably Access, makes the compilation of all the information a relatively simple process compared to doing the work by hand. You can make edits to content and check for and correct errors without having to start over. When all that is ready, you can probably print off the documentation before you could get to a print shop to do the job. Then comes the meeting and you have your handy lap-top connected to a digital projector or large flat screen TV and you give your Powerpoint presentation.

Excel is a Very powerful spread sheet used for budgets, dates, meetings and many other types of subjects that require organization. Powerpoint is used quite often, the main uses for Powerpoint is for a presentation. Such as a employee has a idea for a new product this employee can create a powerpoint showing the different uses for this produce the ages that can use it and any other background information. Word is used for mainly notes, ideas, messages, reports such as a document typed out by a employees so that they can share it with another employee.

In most work environments, Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are being used on a daily basis. From being a Loan officer to a front desk cashier these three apps are very helpful in our work place. Microsoft Word is good with writing business letters and business cards, Excel is good with making spreadsheets or charts for your business, and lastly, PowerPoint is good with making presentation audio and visually. In the following paragraphs below I will explain why these three are most helpful and useful in the work place. For one, Microsoft Office Word is mostly used to writing business letters to their clients. From one paragraph or 4 pages...
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