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  • Published : July 12, 2011
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Reflective Journal #1
The Learning Experience:
In clinical last week, I had a patient who was methacillin resistant staphylococcus aureus positive resulting in the implication of contact precautions. It was the first time I had to deal with family members questioning the care we were providing for their loved one found. I found it fairly easy to describe MRSA as it is seen so often in the hospital. I explained to her what MRSA is and how to protect yourself from the bacteria. It was a good learning experience as I am sure more families will have numerous questions asking about their loved ones care and diagnosis. I handed her an information fact sheet about MRSA that would hopefully explain any unanswered questions she made have had. Emancipatory Perspective

I believe I should have been more confident in my ability to explain what MRSA is as I just completed a course in microbiology and MRSA was a primary focus. I think I did a good job explaining MRSA in simple, non medical words because the daughter was not quite understanding the information I was relaying at first. I realized right away she did not understand the medical words I was using. I believe the daughter understands what MRSA is and how it can be spread. She is still uncertain, as am I, where she contracted the bacteria in the first place. I believe knowing what and where the MRSA is isolated on the patient’s body will be easier to treat and eliminate this can only benefit the health of person, family, and organization as a whole. From an Ethical/Moral Perspective:

I believe I handled the situation in a mature comfortable manner. If I was unable to answer the questions I asked my primary nurse or provided the daughter with an information fact sheet that the TBRHSC provides to all their patients and families if they have questions about MRSA. Personal Experience

This was an excellent learning experience as I have had numerous experiences dealing with patients and I feel very comfortable...
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