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Depression, anxiety and low self-esteem in woman with Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH)


Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH) is a rare syndrome that not only causes physical conditions but emotional. The psychological effects of woman diagnosed with MRKH have never been fully discovered. The hypothesis and or purpose of this study is to evaluate self-report measures of psychological distress in woman with MRKH syndrome compared to woman without MRKH syndrome. A group of woman with MRKH will be assessed through anxiety, depression, and self-esteem scales to determine any psychological distress MRKH had on them when they first received the diagnosis up until later on in life. Similar studies and theories believe that coping with infertility can be taxing and cause psychological issues throughout a woman’s life. I belief observing woman when diagnosed with MRKH as well as following up with woman after dealing with the initial shock of this syndrome will give insight to being able to give proper coping skills to not only woman with MRKH syndrome but woman with infertility issues. Keywords: MRKH, anxiety, depression, infertility, menstrual disorders

MRKH is a rare condition found in approximately 1 in 5000 female births, and it is typically diagnosed in mid-adolescence (Leidolf, 2006). The psychosexual development and the identity, femininity, body image and self-esteem of the patients can be significantly impaired by receiving this type of information about their bodies (Laggari, et al., 2009). Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome is a condition that involves congenital absence of the vagina, fallopian tubes, cervix and/ or uterus. Some women have uterine remnants, or horns. External genitalia are normal. Chromosome karyotype is 46XX(normal female). The incidence rate is approximately one in 5000. Other symptoms involved to varying degrees are kidney abnormalities, skeletal problems and hearing loss. The cause is somewhat unclear, but the Syndrome occurs during the 4th-6th week of fetal development (Heller-Hoersma, Schmidt, Edmons, 2009). MRKH syndrome is divided into two types; type I Rokitansky sequence and type II MURCS association. Isolated utero-vaginal aplasia is referred to as Rokitansky sequence or to type I (isolated) MRKH syndrome. Incomplete aplasia and/or associated with other malformations, is generally referred to as MURCS association (or type II MRKH syndrome) (Camborieux, Guerrier, Morcel, 2007). Many components go into each case found with MRKH syndrome. Surgery may be in order to have a correctly functioning vagina in many cases. There are many different elements that can affect woman with MRKH syndrome physically and psychologically. Menstruation is considered to be one of the archetypal symbols of femininity and thus constitutes a phenomenon of great significance in the nature of woman (Laggari, et al., 2009). Living in a world where fertility is a virtue can cause many confusing thoughts for those who are infertile. Adolescent girls struggle when trying to figure out who they are as kids and as women. Magazines, Television and Role Models stress the importance of becoming a mother and giving birth. Seeing pregnant women on a day-to-day basis as well as displayed as beautiful in the media shapes a certain image in girls’ minds. When diagnosed with MRKH many women feel confused, angry, and hurt. Adjusting to the diagnosis of MRKH is a difficult and traumatic process for these women, leading them to question their identity as women and to experience a sense of confusion regarding their gender, their bodies, and their social and sexual roles (Leidolf, 2006). Being diagnosed as abnormal can lead to many questions about ones identity. Many women who struggle with infertility difficulties struggle with psychological difficulties. MRKH syndrome is a rare disorder and has been limitedly studied. Looking at the connection...
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