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CIVE1179 – Steel Structures – Study Guides 2013 Weeks 1 Lectures • • Course preview Introduction to limit state design (AS4100) • •

Introduction to steel beam competition Laboratory safety induction • • • •

Team setup Print AS4100 & AS1170.0-.2 Beam competition released Teams allocated for fabrication lab sessions and notified

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Bending of laterally restrained beams

Geometric design & section capacity of I-beam

• •

Bending of laterally unrestrained beams Typical floor system & gravity load estimation

• • • • • •

Member capacity of I-beam Building project Development of structural plan Understanding of gravity load paths Design of secondary beams Design of primary beams • • • • Lab session starts! Shop drawing ready for fabrication (do not submit) Build project released Complete a design summary online

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• • • •

Lateral stability Design of axial tension members Design of axial compression members Wind pressures on buildings (AS1170.2)

• • •

Tensile capacity of axial members Estimation of design wind loads on your building frames and roofs Local wind pressures Design of roof metal sheets Design of purlins Design of rafters • • Complete a test summary online Submit a beam design report

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Metal roof sheets, purlins and girts

• • •

Roof rafters


• • • •

Column load-rundowns Design of typical columns Design of beam connections between primary and secondary beams Column base plate design Past exam revision • Submit a building project report

Connections – part I


Connections – part II

Dr Sawekchai Tangaramvong February 2013


Important notes: • • No extensions will be granted for submissions. If work is not fully completed by the due date the part completed must be submitted for assessment (similar to an exam). You will be marked based on the portion completed. Late submissions will attract a...
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