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Topics: Social status, Status attainment Pages: 7 (2734 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Jethro and Mr Sommers
We had to create a still image ‘statue’ of Jethro. Underneath the statue, I chose to show Jethro as being hopeful. I was on my knees but had my fist clenched and to the side of me, suggesting that there were still issues with the way that people were treated, the time that the statue was meant to be made was during the peak of slavery. The clenched fist representing that Jethro and his fellow people would fight towards freedom. Dan played Mr Sommers, he stood with folded arms, narrowed eyes staring, looking intimidating. This showed that Mr Sommers was arrogant and perhaps should be feared. Next, we created a still image ‘statue’ of both Jethro and Mr Sommers, after the peak of slavery. This time, we chose for both of us to stand straight, looking into each others eyes with both of our clenched fists in the air, showing that the slaves had now reached their target of freedom and were working happily with the white people.

Governess and Mr Sommers
We had to create a role play of Mr Sommers interviewing the Governess about her taking the responsible role of being his daughter’s governess. I chose to play the Governess and Dan chose to play Mr Sommers. Firstly, I considered how the Governess would react to being confronted with a man of such ‘high status’. I chose to represent the Governess as being shy and overly considerate of her actions and the way that she came across to Mr Sommers, yet also creating the impression that she was smart and worthy for the job. Throughout the performance I sat straight and upright and maintained eye contact with Dan, who was standing up throughout the performance, he spoke authoritively and loudly and kept his back straight, this represented his high status in comparison with the Governess. We used props such as a table and chairs to portray a more realistic scene.

Teacher in Role
The class were slaves on Mr Sommers’ plantation. I had the important role of Isabella, Mr Sommers’ daughter. The performance started with the slaves on the plantation working. Isabella was a young child and very confused upon finding these ‘strange animals’. I showed this confusion through glancing around frantically at the slaves, walking around lots and asking questions and stuttering. The slaves surrounded Isabella, this showing a deliberate change in status, as the slaves who were positioned lots lower than Isabella in the status line, were now standing tall. I was sitting on the floor, shaking, looking around at each slave. When the slaves started speaking to me, at first I was shy and avoided eye contact with them and then slowly began speaking to them, suggesting that at first glance, Isabella found the slaves unapproachable and scary. Some slaves showed their anger towards Isabella and ‘other white people’ speaking about my father and I was denying everything, as I saw my ‘daddy’ as being nowhere in the wrong. This links to the way people would see themselves as such high status above the slaves, acting arrogant and thinking the slaves were always wrong, that white people were superior to the slaves. I ran away to tell the overseer and lied about how the slaves had treated me and continued glaring at them. The slaves were annoyed by this, they showed this by groaning and narrowing their eyes at. I acted smug, reflecting the way that people treated the slaves, physically or emotionally. The overseer whipped the slaves. The slaves were on the ground and me, the overseer and Mr Sommers were standing above them, Mr Sommers had his arms folded and I was smirking, using the technique levels, showing the overseer, Mr Sommers and myself as being of ‘higher status’ than the slaves.

Teacher in Role
The class played tourists and Miss Howe a tour guide, she was showing us the modern Sommersville. Miss Howe’s character was a relative of Mr Sommers, the tourists were very inquisitive about the way that the slaves were living and were treated, however Miss Howe responded to...
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