Mr. Know-All Questions

Pages: 1 (402 words) Published: February 20, 2013
1. Which of Mrs. Ramsay’s qualities does the narrator stress? The narrator stresses her modesty. When we are first introduced to her, he describes that she is simply dressed, polite, and has a modesty that could not go unnoticed. This trait’s importance in the story is very ironic because her husband and the man (Mr. Kelada) he was arguing with are the exact opposite. They cannot admit when they are wrong, even when they know they are and that’s why Mr. Kelada gets made a fool of in front of everyone, deservingly so. However, Mrs. Ramsay doesn’t want to take free money and at the end of the story, I believe it was her who gave back the money.

2. The symbolic significance of the $100 is more than just money; it could have been $10 or $1000. Mr. Ramsay wanted to rub Mr. Kelada’s face in the fact that he caught him in a lie and thought he might as well make some easy money while doing it. So the money was representing both men’s confidence.

b) I would say the money symbols are examples of both conventional symbols and personal symbols because money is a conventional item and it’s not the main point Mr. Ramsay is trying to make. However it’s a personal symbol because the money is representing more than $100. It’s proving Mr. Kelada, the ultimate Mr. Know-All, wrong.

3. “Oh, Elmer, you can’t bet on certainty”. Its function is 1. Showing more of Mrs. Ramsay’s modesty and kindness. But also, she is telling Mr. Kelada that she is certain that she bought it for $18 but even then Mr. Kelada insists that he is right.

“I’ve already taken a sear for you. I thought that as we were in the same state-room we might just as well sit at the same table” Ohhh snap! I could only imagine how mad the narrator of the story is on the inside at this point. He already doesn’t like Mr. Kelada and wants to stop talking to him and now he has guaranteed that they will sit together for this meal and he must be thinking every other meal too. The function of this dialogue is...
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