Mr. Know All

Topics: Discrimination, 2006 singles, Black Hand Pages: 3 (799 words) Published: February 11, 2012
Literature review:
Mr. Know all:
* Explaining patterns – didn't keep his mouth shut. Mr. Kelada is a busy person. He can never assay he's wrong, he has to win every argument. When he admits he made a mistake we're totally surprise as he breaks his pattern. It's going against everything we thought about him. He doesn't follow his pattern. * Inference – the end, the look at the lady's face when she think's Mr. K is going to tell she's a cheater. When she gives the envelope through the door. Literary terms:

* Symbols: real pearls vs. fake pearls and real people vs. fake people. Mr. K seems to be a fake person but finally he saves the lady's life and marriage. It's not always good to judge a book by its cover.

A Road Not Take:
How people in the world make decisions.
* Inference. Interpreting the sigh (somewhere ages and ages hence) was he happy or not? It wasn't that he wasn’t happy with his choice. It's only he wanted to be able to walk through both paths. Once you've taken a single path you change your life forever. You can't jump into the same river twice. You’re a different person, both you and the river change. Even if you do go back, you're not the same person anymore. One path leads you to another. * Explaining a pattern.

* Problem solving. How does he choose? How does he weigh the pros and cons? He uses this skill to compare and contrasts, he tries to see which one's better which one was used more, in the end he just takes the one that wanted wear, the one that more people have walked on and that's way we can't be sure whether or not his choice was correct. He tried to see where the roads bend. ("I kept the other to another day" though we know he can't bring back time") maybe he's choosing between good and good. Literary terms:

* Symbolism. The path, time and day, yellow woods – either dawn (new beginning) or the seasons (fall) – a time of change. Metamorphosis. * Theme. What was he trying to tell us? Was he...
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