Mpo Assignment 1

Topics: Management, Organizational studies, Organizational structure Pages: 4 (1226 words) Published: May 16, 2013
2. "Organisations need strong culture". Consider this statement in relation to how we understand and make sense of culture in the post‐bureaucratic era.

Culture is an important aspect of an identity. It is what we believe, how we behave and culture influences an identity’s decision making. Organisational culture is the deep, basic assumptions, beliefs and shared values that define organisational membership. It is also defined as member’s habitual ways of making decisions and presenting themselves and their organisation. In this essay, I will be discussing about organisational culture in the post-bureaucratic era. First of all, I will be talking about how top management and employees related through culture by utilising Parker, M. (2000). In the first paragraph, it will cover how organisations shape the identities of their members and influence their culture in order to manage effectively. Furthermore, by drawing on Ogbonna, E. & Wilkinson, B. (2003), the essay will cover the impact of organisational culture change on managers and employees. Thirdly I will employ Rosen, M. (2007) to demonstrate the importance of building organisational culture and relationship between employees and top management, which helps to improve an organisation’s communication and working environment. And last but not least, Kärreman, D. & Alvesson, M. (2004) have indicated the distinction between bureaucracy, where the organisation focuses on controlling, and post- bureaucracy, where the organisation develops more in culture and people.

In this paragraph, I am going to discuss about how organisations relate to their employees through organisational culture. First of all, I will employ a reference from Parker (2000) in order to bring out the main point of the book of where we gain important insights from applying culture to organisations. According to Parker (2000), an organisation is treated as a whole family which includes every member from the CEO to...
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