Moving and Handling Hsc

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  • Published: June 28, 2013
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Outline the anatomy & physiology of the human body in relationship to the importance of correct mov & handling & positioning of individuals Muscles in our body work pretty much like levers to allow our joints to move like hinges move. Muscles will move and pull bones at a specific joint in the body this will allow joints to move and therefore allow the body to move. When the muscle contracts it pulls the bone at a specific joint to that it moves in the direction in which it is only designed to move. In cases of reduced mobility or disability the muscles in your body may become “floppy” and movement can become more painful, more difficult and also much slow. If muscles are moved or exercised more frequently they will remain firm and make moving much, much easier.

It is important to ensure that you move individuals in accordance with their care plan and the companies moving and handling guidelines to prevent causing injury. Muscles will only move the bones at the joint as far as the joint will allow. For example if you try to extend a client’s leg when they are suffering with contracture you are likely to cause a large amount of discomfort or even cause injury. Trying to extend a joint further than their capability will also cause this also. The nerve fibres will run all over the body send impulses to muscles which will in turn enable them to contract and relax and these fibres are very delicate. Poor moving and handling techniques can cause serious damage to these very delicate fibres. Describe the impact of specific conditions on the correct movement & positioning of an individual There are many underlying conditions which can affect the moving and handling of an individual. Here are a few examples. Parkinson’s disease can cause a sufferer to experience limb rigidity that will most likely affect their normal movement and positioning. When assessing an individual to sit or lie in a comfortable position it is imperative that you do not force the...
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