Movies Realism Literature Review

Topics: Film, Film director, National Film Registry Pages: 9 (3250 words) Published: March 31, 2010
Cinemas are the central spot of people’s visual entertainment, acting as the medium between the art of movie directors and the audiences seeking the getaway from real world reality. It is at the cinema where people enjoy themselves by watching movies that they may find interesting initially regardless of the language, locality or storyline, as long as that one particular movie is intriguing enough to make them go to the cinema to get their movie-o-meter filled with appealing crafts from many directors. The cinemas as they are today are far significantly different from what they used to be decades ago, as this highly profiting business has been going on since the 1850’s, particularly originated in England to be the first in public screening, although the first use of movie projection is unknown. However, putting aside the revolutionary cinema technology, one good movie is mostly contributed by the production team dedication and hard works. It should not matter if a movie is less use in impressive CGI since a ‘plain’ movie but with proper cast and content, it could match with a movie rich in the technology. This kind of good content or storyline is another factor that has been influencing both the production to create such movie which is poor in fake yet astounding visual appearance but to pursue more on the content largely. It has also been observed that a good movie needs good script or dialogue other than the casts, for instance _V for Vendetta_ (2005), it did have a few scenes in CGI but the real strength behind the success of this movie was the dialogue, its great casts and the political theme. The mentality of the locals towards Malaysian made movies has always been criticized by Malaysians ourselves; however the irony is despite the constant claim of Malaysians that they could tolerate Malaysian movies, this phenomenon still exists, where people especially the research subject, Malaysian audiences, stand on this issue of the reasons they ditch local most local movies as unrealistic in contrast to its crux of escaping reality. Often in newspapers and mass media people could be seen writing to editors on how disappointed they were in local movies direction but praised the realism aspect on foreign movies, especially of Hollywood. The reason movies or any other forms of visual entertainment were created was to add some unrealistic factor based on the ‘reality’ of the world outside the movie, since the movie production cannot make money if they just simply show what the audiences have gone through every day in their lives, nothing of new and fresh that could catch the attention of the audiences. This research is anticipated to know why such paradox exists among the local viewers particularly, or something about the mentality of Malaysian audiences. When this peculiarity is triggered, there are parties affected definitely. The obvious impact would be on production companies, with very narrow focus on local market itself, these production companies would not be able to sustain longer given that this ‘sentiment’ goes on. It is obvious enough since when there is lack of support and interest, plus the unfair discernment by the Malaysians, the companies have no other way than to close down production, or face far worse condition of bankruptcy. It is not just the companies that would have to shut down, but indirectly the actors and actresses would have to start over something new to accommodate their lives, the fortunate enough to have backup form of income could still survive, but the bigger impact is the industry will be crumbled, as the industry has never been given a chance to prove that Malaysian movies could evolve and change the mindset of Malaysians in the first place. Secondly, local TV companies would also face difficulties and humongous expense to procure foreign TV contents more to cater the hankering of viewers, as well as to fill in the absence or the sheer lack of local movie content. The...
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