Movie vs. Book: The Most Dangerous Game

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Compare and contrast: The Most Dangerous Game

The Most Dangerous Game is a story and a film. They have similarities and differences. Some similarities are the setting, the château, most of the characters, and the island. The island is very mysterious and adventures in both features. General Zaroff and Rainford go in war with each other. The film follows the book in a flow. Although they seem very similar, they have many differences. There are more characters and more horror.

In the book, there was not a character that was a lady or damsel in distress. This new character is Eve Trollbridge. She warned Rainsford when he first came and she went with him when General Zaroff was trying to hunt for Rainsford. This is different because you had to have more action and add a another story to tell why she was there. There was more terror and dangers in the film. Rainsford had to save Eve and also her brother Martin. Martin Trollbridge was drunk and was killed by Zaroff. This added more horror because it was showing more violence and it was irony. Along with violence, the film added a shark in the water. The shark was trying to eat the captain and his crew. This added more adventure and risk than the book. The book itself was already risky, but adding the screaming, the yelling, and the howling made this story a dangerous sensation. There was more detail in the film than the book. Most books have a lot of detail. Especially conversations and emotions. They explain how the character feels and explain what the setting is like. In the film, it also had much detail. It shows most of how the character(s) gets place to place. When reading a book, you use your imagination and in a film you can watch in. For instince, in the book, it didn't explain how Rainsford escaped from place to place. In a new chapter, he would be in a different area and it didn't describe what he did to get there. In the film, Rainsford tricked General Zaroff and got back to safety. It...
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