Movie Review on "The Egyptian"

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  • Published : May 2, 2007
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Movie Review on "The Egyptian"
The movie "The Egyptian" (1954) depicts many Egyptian values throughout the feature. Although the movie is strongly based on myth, there is a little historical accuracy to the plot. The movie follows the actions of the main character, Sinuhe, who is physician and companion to the pharaoh, Horemheb. Sinuhe longs to be with Nefer, an upper class noble who takes everything that he offers her, only to leave him with nothing to his name.

After fleeing Egypt and learning that he has been sentenced to death, Sinuhe becomes physician to the rich, in order to become that way himself. On his trek through the ancient world, he learns of a plot to overthrow the Egyptian empire due to Egypt's new-found monotheistic views on religion. Bartering his services to leave with a Hittite weapon made of this "new", indestructible metal, iron, Sinuhe returns to Egypt to warn them of this plot against the empire. Upon his return, Sinuhe is pardoned of his "crime" at the request of his friend Akhnaton, General of the Egyptian army. Due to the pharaoh's refusal to retaliate, a plot is formed to overthrow him and replace him with Akhnoton. Sinuhe is commissioned to perform the task by tainting the pharaoh's drink with poison. Knowing that the drink has been contaminated, the pharaoh consumes it, ultimately providing his death. Sinhue flees Egypt once more, and documents these occurrences so that others may learn from this.

The relationship between Nefer and Sinuhe depicts the exact opposite of the Egyptian value of love. Culturally, the women were the main ones showing affection while the men showed little or none. The relationship between Taia and Sinhue is much more accurate to this principle.

Egypt's change to monotheism is another depiction of the movie. Pharaoh Horemheb has ordered all Egyptians to worship his god, the sun god. Shrines and temples are built all over the city although not all Egyptians follow this deity. In the...
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