Movie Analysis: Smoke Signals

Topics: Want, Conflict, Forgiveness Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Smoke Signals
Will Parsegian

In the movie Smoke Signals there are many thoughts of themes. In this story many themes are developed and there are many conflicts that inflict themes. But my opinion of the theme is that everyone makes mistakes and no matter how much it hurts you they deserve to be forgiven.

Out of all the conflicts in the story there is a few that inflict the theme more than the others. The first one is at the beginning of the story, a house is on fire and two babies are saved. The babies saved are Thomas and Victor. The man that saves the babies is the dad of Victor. That conflict is the initial conflict of the story. Then when Victor is about twelve, his dad leaves him. This conflict can be considered man vs. man or man vs. self. This starts the worst of the conflicts in the story. After that Thomas always bugs Victor about why his dad left. This causes them to argue. This conflict is man vs. man. Later, when Victor and Thomas are teenagers Victor’s mom gets a call saying that Victors dad is dead. This conflict is man vs. self or man vs. fate. After the call, Victor needs to go to were his dad dies but he has no money so Thomas offers to give him the money but he has to go along with him. On their way there they meet a gymnast and as Thomas is talking to her, Victor tells her to get over her problems and that she’s a liar. This makes Thomas mad and that conflict shows how Victor really thinks.

When they arrive Victor learns that his dad didn’t want to leave and that he did it for the family. Victor takes this to heart but is still mad at his dad and feels pain and wants other people to feel the same. On their way back to the reservation, Victor and Thomas have a wreck with cars that had already crashed. There is a girl that is hurt badly and a drunk man is yelling. She is going to die but Victor has flash backs and rises to the occasion. He runs Twenty miles to the nearest hospital and as he is running he blacks out. This conflict is...
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