Mountains vs Seashore

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Mountains vs. Seashore - Which Do You Prefer?

My paper is going to be about why I prefer a vacation at the mountains rather than a a vacation at the sea shore. I do want to clarify that, while I still would prefer a visit to the mountains, I do enjoy visiting and learning about the seashore. For a vacation, I prefer a visit to the forest rather than a visit to the seashore. The variety in color, sounds, and sights in the mountains are much more appealing to me than the variety at the seashore.

The color scheme of the forest is extremely varied: green trees burst into a brilliant gold, orange, or red in the autumn and scatter their leaves; the brown forest floor teems with insects and animals in a splattering of blues, grays, blacks, pinks, browns, reds, and many other colors; flowers poke their heads out to dazzle the world with their delicate colors and beauty; and berries pop out in delicious arrays of reds, greens, and blues. While the seashore has a beauty of its own, there is very little color variety to keep me interested. All is a blur of blue water, blue sky, white sands, white rocks, and white seagulls. Most of the different colors in the seashore comes from the shells which have strips of pale pink or pale blue, and from the dirty brownish-green seaweed that washes up on the shore, and perhaps an occasional starfish that is washed into tiny pools. There is an assortment of color, but not as striking as the collection of color found in the woods.

There also is a diversity of sounds in the forest that can be enjoyed by any listener. Brooks and streams babble along, and birds chirp, sing, bicker, and call to each other throughout the day. As the wind moves through the trees, it seems to hum a few notes - perhaps even a forgotten melody? In the night, owls hoot, and a symphony – presented by the nearby frogs and crickets – reminds the listener that he is not quite alone. The sounds of the sea however, are beautiful but not...
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