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Case Analysis: Mountain Dew, Selecting the New Creative
section 001: due on Feb. 15
section 020: due on Feb. 20
As you can see from the ending of the case, Mountain Dew is trying to decide which 3 of 5 potential creative spots to develop. Additionally, the case describes several background features, such as market situations, Mountain Dew brand history, and market research. In two pages, you are expected to choose three out of the total five potential creative spots (Cheetah, Mock Opera, Dew or Die, Labor of Love, Showstopper) you think they should develop. As usual, your decision should be based on your own rationale and justification (not “gut” instinct). For this decision, your analysis may cover the following points, although you don’t have to limit your analysis to the points below:

1) How do the proposed ads tell consumers about what drinking Mountain Dew is? 2) How do the proposed ads fit into Mountain Dew’s brand history and the set of associations consumers likely hold already?

3) Who is the market and what does the market want from Mountain Dew, relative to other potential substitutes?
4) Do the proposed ads extend the existing campaign in new directions, as desired by managers?
5) How does knowing that the ads are going to play on the Super Bowl affect your decision?
Note: If you can come up with important/interesting issues worth discussing in class (irrespective of whether they are directly related to the questions above), please propose them as additional discussion material. This is what I strongly recommend you to do. Surely, this will be reflected on your course participation, with particularly great weights given.) General Guidelines for Case Analysis

1. Do not use any outside sources when conducting your analysis. Case analysis is to promote your in-depth thinking given the situations described in the case. You should stick only to the information contained in the case materials. 2. Do not structure your case so that you answer each of these questions in turn. Instead, try to find important facts/issues and make them the focus of your analysis, unless items to be answered are specified.

3. All written assignments should be typed in two pages. If these rules are not kept, no grade will be given. Neither will another chance to revise the paper. 4. Your grades will be any number between 5 and 20.

Mkt 4050 | Integrated Marketing Communication
Case analysis – Mountain Dew Exchange student - Belgium
University of Minnesota
Carlson School of Management
Marketing 4050 | Integrated Marketing Communications
Case Analysis
Mountain Dew, Selecting the New Creative
Instructor : Hakkyun Kim
Due date : February, 20th
Spring 2007
Academic Year 2006/2007
Mkt 4050 | Integrated Marketing Communication
Case analysis – Mountain Dew Exchange student - Belgium
First of all, it is not easy to choose which three ads are better than the others, because we don’t have much information about the ads themselves, only a few descriptive lines. But, we can still identify the main points that might lead the commercials to be successful. My first choice would be Mock Opera. A good ad must be creative and somehow different from the everyday commercials, in order to grab the attention of the viewers. This ad is entertaining, and people would remember it since this is about a parody of a very well-know and successful song that nearly everybody should know, the Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody. This kind of song is present in mostly every musical culture, and parodying it would make the people remember the ad, and associate it with Mountain Dew. The brand strategy is to deliver a universal message, so that it can reach many various ethnics. The song had to be very famous and popular to be able to do that. Moreover, to make fun of such a great song is not something usual and it’s an intense experience, something that you don’t experience everyday. You might think that drinking Mountain Dew is something very exciting which...
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