Mount Isarog

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The Mt. Isarog is a central panorama among the places surrounding it. Everyday, the people of Camarines Sur from all walks of life flock to offices, ricefields, farms, schools, churches, shopping malls and other places, with the magnificent Isarog in the backdrop. It is also a pristine symbol of the province. It has been a part of our daily lives. Our world moves around its green slopes. The people of Camarines Sur are blessed each day by the presence of Mt. Isarog.

It has been a sanctuary to the most unique flora and fauna in the world. It also provides the people with medicinal plants, renewable forest resources, livelihood, shelter and even recreation.

The most prevalent importance of Isarog is its life-giving properties. It provides a supply of potable water to 15 municipalities and the City of Naga, as well as irrigation to some 67,400 hectares of riceland.

But lately, because of the galloping growth of population and commerce, the mountain is becoming more and more vulnerable to irresponsible human acts like deforestation and pollution.

Not only these, natural phenomena like typhoons and El Niño also contribute to destruction of the forests. This poses a big threat to water supply in Naga and its adjacent municipalities.

Depletion of the Isarog watershed was caused by extended droughts spawned by the El Niño phenomenon in the 90s which severely hit two main water supply sources in the mountain, the Anayan and Rumangrap springs. Before these droughts, water supply production from the two spring sources were already dwindling due to deforestation which was the handiwork of a few squatter families who converted vast tracts of land in the watershed for agriculture.

These triggered government and non-government organizations to team up and solve the threatening problem.

This research paper will discuss further the state of watershed management in Mt. Isarog for the past five years and will assess the development and goals achieved by the program.


This study was conducted primarily to discuss the watershed management programs implemented in Mt. Isarog. The goal is to answer the following queries:

1. How important is Mt. Isarog?
- This concerns the benefits of the presence of Mt. Isarog 2. What are the factors that resulted to the depletion of Mt. Isarog watersheds? - These factors refer to the phenomena, events and persons that led to the weakening of the watershed as well as the things that prompted the emergence of these factors. 3. What are the components of the program implemented by different organizations? - These also includes implementation, activities and the target problem to be solve by the goals. 4. What are the accomplishments of the program for the past five years? - It comprises the improvements, transformations and problems resolved by the implementation of the program. 5. What is the current condition of the watersheds?

- The question aims to assess the development of the program after years of execution.


Mt. Isarog, apart from being a great landmark, supplies Naga City and 15 other municipalities with potable water. These water supply are extracted from two springs: the Anayan and Rumangrap Springs, and the primary sources of these springs are the watersheds from deep down under the mountain.

These watersheds were endangered in the 90s due to droughts, pollution and deforestation. Few squatter families also converted the area into agricultural spots. In order to solve the probable danger, government agencies in cooperation with non-governmental organizations systematized measures through a Watershed Management Program.

For the past five years, there have been few developments and accomplishments achieved by the said program. Little by...
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