Moulin Rouge Essay

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  • Published : March 5, 2009
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We are creatures of the underworld, we can’t afford to love. How does Lurhmann contrast images of sleaze with images of love?

The Moulin Rouge is a club in Paris; it is a place of entertainment. The Moulin Rouge is also a brothel and bar, it is a place were the rich and beautiful come to play. The working men of the daytime come to escape reality and to unwind and relax. Baz Lurhmann does a good job of covering up that the Moulin Rouge is a brothel and that Satine is a prostitute, and leads us to believe that it is a place of beauty and love. Lurhmann does this through technique, visuals and characters. Satine and Christian both contribute in changing the moral of the story, we no longer think of Satine as a prostitute, but as a girl who is falling in love with a boy. Lurhmann does this through visual effects such as camera work and color, and also through sound. The bohemians live by the statement of freedom, beauty, truth, and love. Christian is a prime example of the bohemian ways. He is always thinking about love and beauty; he writes about it and relates everything to this. Satine and Christian are constantly singing love songs back and forth to each other, these songs help us to distinguish and analyze emotion and feeling. Sound also helps to tell their story, being very modern, we know the meaning and attributes of each song they sing. The songs create a specific mood and atmosphere which collaborate into a world of fantasy, in which Satine and Christian are released from reality. Fantasy creates isolation amongst the two and gives them the freedom of being together and being themselves, it is the only time they can actually control their time together and it shows us exactly what they both depict their love as. We forget about Harold and the Moulin Rouge to focus on Satine and Christian and the relationship that they have. The elephant is where a lot of the love scenes between the two take place, in reality this is where the prostitute would take...
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