Motive behind News Coverage

Topics: Mass media, Journalism, Human rights Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: April 9, 2013
The news coverage in the modern has become a lot more offensive to the people. It tends to invade the privacy of the people, which is their right. But in order to make people interested, all ethical boundaries are broken by the news broadcasters and journalists. The basic purpose of the field of journalism is to provide the people with accurate and reliable information. In addition to that, the news has to be approached in a practical sense. The journalists are required to be transparent regarding their methods as well as their sources. The foundation of the construction of the news should be based on the comment, interpretation, context, debate, analysis and criticism. However, the basic motive is to highlight the truth. In the field of journalism, the primary loyalty should be to the citizens and viewers of the news. However, it is critical to note that ethical and moral boundaries should be maintained when delivering news and information the public. In the present societies, news is not only a source of information, but it has also become a source for entertainment for the public. This entertainment, however, is derived by the invasion of the privacy of the people, which is an ethical issue. The journalists in the modern world attempt to make use of every dirty trick, and they have forgotten every moral standard, which were created for the profession. I personally feel that journalism has lost its initial charm. It was supposed to be a respected profession, but it has turned out to be an exploitation of the privacy of the people. This mainly includes famous people, like celebrities and sports stars. The reason behind this behavior is that people love to read about famous people; the people that they admire and want to become. This is exactly like gossiping about someone, regardless weather it’s true or not. Even if the news is true about someone, it does not have to become NEWS. Bringing some private facts on the television screen or print media involve can...
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