Motivational Strategies of the Ritz Carlton

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  • Published : May 4, 2008
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The Ritz-Carlton Hotel chain has enjoyed a long, rich tradition dating back to 1927, when the first hotel baring the Ritz-Carlton name opened on May 19th. This prestigious hotel giant was originated in Boston, according to The Ritz-Carlton website. The character and ambiance of the hotel are still in tact after 80 years of business. The Ritz-Carlton L.L.C. was not originally founded as a hotel chain. The first business venture for Ritz-Carlton was investment banking in Europe. According to The hotel’s internet home-page the construction for the first hotel was not going to be a hotel, it was supposed to be an apartment building. However, when the contractor, Edward Wyner, was told that the Ritz-Carlton company wanted the contractor to change the place to a hotel, after he had already completed two floors of the apartment building, Wyner was eager to please. The Ritz-Carlton company took a major hit economically during the Great Depression, but Wyner never showed that the hotel was doing poorly, so he kept the lights on in the rooms through the tragic times. The way Wyner handled himself and the hotel’s interests became a model for future hotels built by the Ritz-Carlton Corporation. Although Mr. Ritz died in 1918 his work ethic, his socially elite status, and ingenuity are all basis for each hotel built. Each of these attributes is further mimicked by the staff hired by the Ritz-Carlton family of hotels. Every aspect of the hotel was meticulously thought out; what the hotel was going to represent, for whom the hotel was going to cater, how formal the staff was going to appear, and the logo for the hotel. With a history this rich and management this passionate about the success of future successes of the Ritz-Carlton it takes a staff as passionate. During this essay the tactics set in place to cultivate a successful future to honor such a distinguished past will be detailed through research and examples. I will have the financial part of this for the final....
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