Motivation Theory

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In this report, we focus on a particular salesman, assumed as Mr. Rohit Puri, who works in TATA Motors, India. We first address the current situation of the company and Mr. Puri’s job, also the issues faced by him in the company. In the second part we analyse two motivational theories in detail that shall help in bringing improvements in job performance of salesmen and also prove beneficial to the company as a whole.

TATA motors is one of the companies of India, which is internationally well known. TATA Motors is the top Indian car producer with combined earnings of Rs.1, 23, 133 crores (USD 27 billion) in 2010-11. They have achieved this by means of producing top of the line commercial vehicles along with numerous decades of imposing performance by their employees. Tata motors is India's leading and one of the globe’s top five intermediate and heavy industrial producers. It was establish in 1945. Furthermore with more than three million of its cars manoeuvre on Indian roads, the company is the globe’s fourth leading truck producer and the globe's second leading bus producer. In September 2004, the company from India is the first to be listed in the New York Stock Exchange and it has also become known internationally as an automobile company by operating in the UK, Spain, Thailand and South Korea. Tata Motors at the moment plans to enhance its global existence within the future by means of launching a few numbers of innovative products. SALESMAN

Mr. Rohit Puri is a salesman at Concorde Motors, a TATA Motors dealership showroom in Mumbai, India. His main objective is to sell automobiles in a preferred way in order to generate revenue for Tata Motors. He does this by negotiating prices and discussing through customers reduction, guarantee and a variety of inducements. Following are the details of Mr. Puri’s job:

Duties and responsibilities
Help customers with their latest or second-hand car buy.
Details of all sales should be documented.
Being organized, dressing neat
Good communication and writing skills.
Organize test drives for customers and indicate the features of the car. Ought to be able to work in most weather circumstances
Commerce Graduate
The basic salary is in the range of Rs. 75000 to Rs. 100,000 per annum in addition to a commission.

There are some problems existing in TATA Motors Ltd., which makes Mr. Rohit Puri and the other salesmen dissatisfied and which need improvement. They are as follows: 1) Pay level, work conditions and environment:

Mr. Puri complained about the low level of pay, which is far lower than his expectation, and he believes that they should be paid more correspond to their contributions to the company. Then, they are dissatisfied with their working conditions, such as working meals and job hours. They do not like their food provided by the company. They think their holiday is too little that they could not relax well, which lead to exhaustion. 2) Lack of sense of achievement and less value of task:

Mr. Puri and the other salesmen in the company fail to feel the achievement brought by them as their work performance is only judged by sales volume or sales revenue per month. It leads less desire to self-improvement and interests in job contribution. Furthermore their task is not very clear and valued in the company and so they do not have any enthusiasm to engage in it for longer time. 3) Least employee participation:

The company does not include the lower level of employees in the management and goal setting process. The sales manager and top-level manager decide on the goals of the salesmen in the company. And so Mr. Puri and the others fail to work efficiently as their suggestions and opinions are not considered while setting goals.

4) Unrealistic and unorganised goal setting:
The company does not have a systematic way of setting goals, which...
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