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Topics: Doctorate, Indonesia, University Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: August 31, 2010
My name is XYZ. I am 23 years old and have graduated from the Industrial Engineering Department of the AAA Institute of Technology (YYY). Spending four years of eminence academic period at YYY has given me so many experiences in many aspects which have built both of my hard and soft skills. I was actively involved in organisations like the student union (Industrial Engineering Student Union) and in the research laboratory community (Laboratory of Innovation and Organisational Design). During this time, a lot of my colleagues gave me feedback that I have profound qualities in leadership and interpersonal skills, as I have no difficulties getting along with new people and I am also frequently appointed as the person in charge when taking part in the organisation of events. The four years spent at the university also gave me competence and personal interest in the Industrial Engineering field. Thus, it drives me to learn more about the knowledge on a higher level, which is the master degree. When talking about the Industrial Engineering higher studies, there are certain specialisation topics that I am particularly interested in, which is the design management (innovation, design, engineering). I believe that the successful outcome of the study will result in the building of supportive thoughts in the development of better industries’ performance and sustainability. Speaking widely, the better industries even can later influence the better economy in a country. The way I see it, the issue of sustainability is now equally important when compared with current studies, particularly in Indonesia which emphasizes more on Industries’ optimal and efficient production process solely. Therefore, in Indonesia, it can be said that there are not many studies related that are able to be found today. Hopefully when I gain the knowledge I can share it through my best contribution to catalyst Indonesia as an emerging industrial country. When I finish taking the master degree on the...
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