Motivating Yourself to Learn

Topics: Learning, Skill, Motivation Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Motivating yourself to Learn
It’s quite evident that motivation is the key to completing tasks and getting them done on time. Motivating yourself is an essential part to being successful. Self motivation involves recognizing the way that you learn best. This chapter has provided me with the information to assess my strength in basic skills, to identify my learning style and to figure out where my greatest degree of intelligence lies. Pre-school and elementary school are the building blocks required to establish basic skills of academics in children. Over the years, these skill become stronger as new concepts are introduced to students and practiced. Basic skills are an important part of school and necessary to be able to process new information. Most general classes require the knowledge of basic skills which include but are not limited to; math, reading and writing. My schooling thus far has been successful because my basic skills are strong. My main strengths lie in reading and writing. This is beneficial to any classes I take because reading is a focal point to learning. Writing, on the other hand, is a productive way to share ideas and confirm my comprehension of a subject matter. Understanding math is also an important skill for school. While math is a major class that is generally required to take, it is also incorporated into many science courses. Although my math skills aren’t quite as strong as my reading and writing skills, as I take more challenging courses and practice, my knowledge of math will only continue to improve. Another component to being self motivated is to identify and utilize your own learning style. Every individual has their own preference of how he or she takes on new information. A learning style is based off of the body’s senses; visual, auditory and tactile-kinesthetic. After assessing myself, I discovered my learning preference is visual. Therefore, I rather learn new information by reading or observing materials. Also,...
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