Mother to Child Transmission of Aids in Africa

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Mother to Child Transmission of AIDS in Africa
English Composition II
Jan 26, 2010

How do you tell a child they have AIDS? How many kids are born with AIDS in Africa? Due to the epidemic of AIDS in Africa should the United States assist in supplying mothers who test HIV positive baby formula to discourage breastfeeding? HIV is not spread through pregnancy, but in breast milk. It would make a difference if mothers who are HIV positive in Africa did not breastfeed. Being that Africa can lay claim to having two-thirds of the worlds HIV positive population, one way to help stop the spread among kids would be to eliminate the breastfeeding altogether. While the world keeps supplying condoms and other forms of contraceptives, this author believes that HIV could be eliminated from being transferred to their children if they stop breastfeeding. A lack of education also contributes to them being unaware of how to prevent the HIV spreading into AIDS.

HIV mother to baby transmission can be reduced by educating the positive infected HIV expectant mothers. Mothers of newborns should be encouraged not to breastfeed at all. HIV is widely known for being spread through bodily fluids. Breast milk is a body fluid. Not all children are born with HIV for some reason, the ones that are negative will get it if the mother breastfeeds.

In order to prevent the transmission of AIDS from mothers to infants, the whole population needs to be educated. “Without preventive interventions, approximately one-third of infants born to HIV-positive mothers contact HIV through mother to child transmission, becoming infected during their mothers’ pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding”(“HIV and Infant”). To help with the prevention of transmission in Africa, the United States, along with other countries, needs to educate pregnant women about how HIV can be and in most cases is transmitted, and how to prevent their children from contracting AIDS. There are...
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