Moth Man

Topics: Mothman, Point Pleasant, West Virginia, The Mothman Prophecies Pages: 3 (999 words) Published: December 5, 2010
Sarah Lyon
October 22, 2008
Informative speech
Comm. 103
T/R 200-315

The Moth man Lives
Topic: The Moth man of Point pleasant West Virginia
General Purpose: To provide information on the actual Mothman occurrences In point pleasant West Virginia.
Specific purpose: To inform my class to the truth behind the movie the moth man prophecies and let them hear the err tale of the hauntings that are so close to our campus. I. Thesis: The Mothman proposes is a legend about a human side bird like creature that has been linked to many deaths over the years in point pleasant west Virginia. Organizational pattern

Attention grabber: Im the type of person that loves Urban legends and when from the moment that I got to Marshall’s campus I wanted to find one. And then the hunt began, I searched and I found The Moth man. Most of you are problem familiar with him from the movie the mothman prophecies. However the story doesn’t end when the final credits started to roll. II. Background: In the early 1900's, an area outside Point Pleasant was designated the McClintic Wildlife Preserve. It was, among other things, a bird sanctuary. As part of the World War II war effort, part of the preserve was ripped up and converted to a munitions dump where about 100 cement and steel "igloos" were built to house wartime explosives. These were later sold off to a variety of gunpowder, chemical and even bio-chemical companies. This area soon became known to the locals simply as the T.N.T., and later became a popular hangout where young people would "park" and have parties. This is the area where many of the Mothman sightings occurred. III. Relevance: All of the sighting of The Mothman have been linked significantly to deaths around point plesant including the collapse of the silver bridge that killed 46. IV. Establish credibility: Now I’d like to tell you that The Mothman is just a figment of our imagination and that we live in the safe state of West Virginia where nothing bad ever...
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