Most Precious Question of the World

Topics: Religion, Aum Shinrikyo, Life Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: May 1, 2013
The Most Precious Question of the World

Culture is produced by the religion. The importance of culture an be understand by this example of Chemotaxis . one of the basic purpose of a plant is to produce like it self or to increase it’s population. For this purpose they adopt different method. They produces beautiful flowers so that it may able to attract the small creatures or insects when a butterfly came In contact with it the butterfly gets nectar and the plant produces fruit in this way and able to increase it’s population . The plant and the butter fly both are incomplete without each other. In this example religion is the plant which needs to flourish and culture act as flowers and butterflies and insects are the peoples of other societies and culture who attracts toward it.

Why they attract toward it? What is the way to get peaceful life in this world? This is the most precious question of this world in my point of view. It is human nature that actually he searches peace in his life in different ways. Some think that they should have wealth, some think fame, and some think that they should have success in their life in order to have peace in their life. They search for it through out his life they search for it in the houses of other peoples, in the pockets of others and on the faces of others but most of the peoples attract towards religious or spiritual aspects of life to get peaceful life. There are some examples when direction less peoples disturbed the societies. For example in 1995, Shoko Asahara, leader of the Japanese Aum Shrinrikyo religious sect, ordered his followers to release the poisonous sarin on Tokyo underground. Twelve peoples died and 5000 were injured. In 1978 the leaders of a new religious group Jim Jones ordered his followers to drink fruit juice laced with cynide 913 members died by these true examples you can feel the thirst of peace understand its importance in life. In every age peoples have been searching for it . In...
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