Most Credible Types of Leadership

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In today’s world, leadership is getting more and more important. Companies are growing day by day and it’s hard to manage or lead them. Because of this need, leadership has developed and divided into types. There are three styles of leaderships; authoritarian, democratic and laissez-faire. The first style is authoritarian. There are two types of authoritarian leadership styles. The first type is in-house authoritarian. They make all decisions in company and there is only one leader. The second type is intercompany authoritarian. These types of leaders have their own authority. They vary from company to company. The other style of leadership is democratic style. This style can be grouped into two parts. The first part is hierarchical type. In this type, there are several manager types under the CEO like CFO and CLO. They all have right to talk and express their ideas. The second part is equality of all workers. In this type, the only leader in the company is CEO and other workers are equal. They manage all the company alone. The last leadership style is laissez-faire. It’s also called as free manager or relax manager. It is divided into two types. The first type puts flexible working hours. In this type, the main idea is effectiveness. Workers can determine their own working hours. The second type allows flexible working fields. In this type, workers can work wherever they want to. For example, workers can work in their own house and do their works from home. In conclusion, there are three styles of leaderships; authoritarian, democratic and laissez-faire. In this changing and developing world, leadership quality is getting more and more important and these are the most credible types of leaderships all over the world. -----------------------

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