Mosh Song Analysis

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  • Published: January 8, 2011
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Yousif Sehwail
MCM 102/Sec. #2
Dec 14, 2010
Critical Evaluation

The Failure of the American Presidency

"Mosh" by Eminem is a protest song that was released in 2004 before the presidential election. The word "Mosh" itself refers the aggressive behavior in which audience members or fans react in a live music performance. The song is taken from the album Encore and was produced by Ian Inaba of GNN TV; Guerrilla News Network, a private website and television production company in which its goal is to expose people into global issues. In this paper, I will be analyzing the song's video and lyrics in terms of its historical and cultural influence on the audience as well as the medium it was produced in. Video Analysis:

The song's video takes the audience into multiple frames of cartoonish symbols. The first frame takes place in a public school at the time of the 9/11 where the school represents the community and the amount of responsibility they hold. The second frame is when Geroge W. Bush is reading a story indicates that he is not part of the community as well as he is not the right response to the 9/11. The third frame represents the three main characters of the song in which each character shows a different issue. The first character is an African American citizen who gets racially arrested by white cops on his way home. The second character is an Amercian soldier who gets re-assigned when he gets back home from Iraq. The final character is a tenant, a single mother who gets evicted with her children while watching the news. The three characters come together to become protagonists to defend their rights and declare their freedom of speech in the congress. Lyrics Analysis:

"I scrutinize every word, memorize every line
I spit it once, refuel, re-energize and rewind
I give sight to the blind, my insight through the mind
I exercise my right to express when I feel it's time..."...
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