Mortgage Servicer System for McBride Financial Services

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Mortgage Servicer Needs Assessment For McBride Financial Services Mitchell Chong
March 18, 2013
Saundra McDavid

Purpose of Document3
Needs Elicitation5
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Purpose of Document
According to McBride Financial Services (2011), their mission statement states “McBride Financial Services will be the preeminent provider of low cost mortgage services using state of the art technology in the five state area of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota”. The primary stakeholder, Hugh McBride wants to implement his office into a Mortgage Servicer System (MSS). This system will allow the company to “rely upon technology to let the customers sell themselves on the mortgages they want” (H. McBride & A. LeBelle, personal communication). The mortgage servicer system will provide an efficient, easy to use marketplace for mortgage buyers, lenders, and brokers to process loan applications in office and on the Internet. Overview

McBride Financial Services specializes in the low-cost mortgages for professionals and retirees purchasing primary and secondary residences and recreational properties. They are expanding their offices into Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Their central office is in Boise, Idaho. The Mortgage Servicer System (MSS) will be a centralized system that provides the processing of mortgage application, processing, approval, credit report processing, inspection, and appraisal scheduling and documentation. It will provide an online or in-office marketplace for lenders to create loans for potential mortgage buyers to select. Hugh McBride, the principal owner wants the system to be easy for clients and employees to use, highly accessible, and secure.

Needs Elicitation
In a one-on-one interview, Abram LaBelle has identified Hugh McBride as the principal stakeholder. Secondary stakeholders are the lending committee members and the brokers in the eight regional offices. Each office will occupy around 800-1200 square feet and would prefer the physical locations of these offices to be in a downtown area, preferably on the ground floor. Each office will be arranged to accommodate two to three commission brokers and a receptionist/administrative assistant. These offices will have a combination of office spaces, cubicles, meeting rooms, reception area, and self-server kiosks. The home office will occupy two locations in the same building, a ground floor space occupying 800 square feet and a 7th floor space around 300 square feet. Hugh McBride has conveyed that client perceptions of how the company handles sensitive information will be a priority. According to McBride (H. McBride & A. LeBelle, personal communication), “All the technology that will be implemented has to be on the leading edge when it comes to security.” McBride has expressed security and privacy concerns in regard to the customer information, company information, processes, and physical security of the hardware. Access to services, data, information, processes, and communications is another crucial need. Customers will need access to services, application status, and information. Loan committee members and brokers will need access to loan applications processing, company information, and company communication and correspondence. Each office and the mortgage servicer system will need to address automatic failover issues to provide consistent and reliable access. The database needs of the mortgage servicer system are high performance, easy to use, and responsive. Data backup and disaster recovery will need to be addresses because of McBride’s personal experience of data loss when his computer crashed. Wireless connectivity will be a not a high priority. Loan committee members want to use wireless connectivity for mobility and convenience. McBride’s concern with security and privacy outweigh the...
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