Morphological Analysis

Topics: Video game console, Printed circuit board, Television Pages: 3 (843 words) Published: November 25, 2010
Morphological Analysis

Due to market concerns, Enterprises decided to use morphological analysis to address and determine new ways of introducing a sleek, economical and slim home entertainment into the Atlanta metro area. Right now it is very difficult to have a home entertainment system that is not made by the same manufacturer. For example, you can go into an electronics store and buy a CD player, stereo system, DVD, cable TV receiver, gaming system that is made by Sony but if you decide that you would rather have a Panasonic DVD player and a Toshiba cable receiver, then compatibility issues arises. We decided to use this strategy because we felt that we could better educate our customers about existing products and differentiate our product from the competitor. We felt that as a young startup, with no brand recognition we could better reach our niche.

• Some of the market concerns that we determined were: • Increased customer knowledge
• Customer dissatisfaction with current electronic products • More complicated installations
• Wireless demand
• Complete home entertainment systems
• HDTV, plasma TV’s
• Blue Ray
• Entertainment Centralization.
• Fcc Mandate

By coming with a Morphological matrix, we were able to address customers concerns and brainstorm on different ways to reach a viable and accepted product. Key Parameters

We could use different specifications for power for the entertainment home system. We would probably go with 110 volts to introduce the product into the Atlanta market. But having the 110 or 220 volts options would make the product easily customizable if we decided to go into the European or foreign market.

There are different variations for each control that could be used. We could opt for different controls for each blade, depending on which applications the entertainment may run and the cost; we could use popular platforms such as embedded linux or micro controllers or even a...
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