Moroccan Feminism

Topics: Morocco, Politics, Feminism Pages: 3 (1019 words) Published: February 16, 2010
A short review of the feminist movement in Morocco
It has become very fashionable all over the world to speak about movements with different causes and ideologies. And Morocco makes no exception to this fashion. Actually, the democratic boom and the attempt to recover the undemocratic deeds of the past in Morocco has given birth to several activists with causes, and liberated movements among which is the Moroccan feminist movement. The recent uproar about the position of women in the political arena has induced me to investigate the history of this movement and evaluate some of their achievements. The feminist movement in Morocco came out of the nationalist movement formed to struggle against the French occupation. The members of this political movement were campaigning for a higher status for women as part of extensive fight for Morocco independence. Women’s rights advocates came from the educated and aristocratic elite. Priority was given to the achievement of the country’s independence. Upon the fulfillment of this goal, namely Moroccan autonomy, the feminist movement continued to be associated with the political parties that were formed from the nationalist movement. Future political developments ultimately determined the direction of the feminist movement. However, as an authoritarian regime took hold and Nationalists became marginalized from the government, Moroccans quickly became disillusioned with the hope of a genuine independent Morocco with democratic institutions. Besides, Communist and Socialist movements and organizations emerged as the political opposition and drew much support from within universities and labor unions. The revolutionary ideal included the promise of freedom for Moroccan men and women. These leftist movements were the only actors pushing for a democratic transition in Morocco and advocating for reforms. They became the hosts of the feminist movement. Since its creation, the feminist movement became politicized and associated...
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