More Choices for a Better Education

Topics: Education, Virtual learning environment, High school Pages: 4 (1265 words) Published: February 9, 2013
A good education is crucial to a productive and successful future; without an education most people will find themselves struggling for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately many students and families are finding it difficult to secure a program of instruction that will meet their needs. Many school districts are failing to provide students with the flexibility of individualized learning and families are looking elsewhere to ensure that their children are getting what they need to be successful. Today, schools are being regulated by politics, reforms, and a one size fits all standard that fails to reach all students. There are many things happening around us that are the driving force behind students and families to seek out different options to the traditional educational structures. Class sizes are growing and state standards are greater than ever, but at the same time budgets are being cut and districts are being asked to do more for less. These reasons are why families look towards less conventional methods of education and move forward to programs that meet the individual needs of their children. Online education has grown impressively over the past two decades. The increased popularity and accessibility of the Internet and World Wide Web has created infinite opportunities for the non-traditional education through this medium (Karber, 2001). Today, online learning may be the answer when it comes to getting a quality education that meets the student’s and families’ needs. Virtual learning provides learning with fewer distractions and more one-on-one learning.

In a brick and mortar classroom environment, students are faced with the distraction of other students. Children want to play with their friends, chat with other students, listen to their iPods and MP3s, and want to pay less attention to their teachers. Students who want to pay attention are distracted by those that do not. Online learning presents an opportunity for those who wish to...
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