Morality and Academic Integrity

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A situation where I had to use moral judgment to decide what I was going to do was when I moved out of my moms, walked away from an awesome job, and decided to take off to Colorado. I was only nineteen years old at the time and one of my friends wanted to get out of town and move there. Our plan was to go to college there and live in the dorms, she had money to get us down there and get us started. I had a hard time making the decision as I only had a day or two to decide on changing my entire life. I agreed to go and quit my job, told my mom the news and left the same day without telling any one else in my family. If I were to face the same situation today, I would not have made the same decision. I wish I would have sat back and actually thought about the consequences that I would have faced at one point or another. If I would have never moved, I would still have a great job, new car, a house by now, and I could have possibly been married. Although I would not have my son, and I in no way regret him, just I wish I would have thought more thoroughly about it. I do not think I thought about any of the things my family thought me and that I really hurt a lot of people, no one was prepared for me to go, I just up and left in a few hours notice and traveled half way across the world.

Academic integrity is doing your own work, in your own words, with your own thoughts. You may read something and write what you think about what you read but not exactly what you read. It is very important to uphold this standard for students so they have more values and moral development in life. I think if colleges just let students do what they wanted when they wanted the world would be a far worse place. People would think they could always do what they wanted anywhere they were such as in class or even the work place. I think the standards college hold help prepare for the future in many ways. Little things even such as being on time, working hard, and deadlines.
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