Moral Rightousness

Topics: Need, Conflict, William Golding Pages: 3 (1279 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Moral Righteousness
The basic needs for us humans to survive are food, water, shelter and. These, however, are only the physical needs of man. Humans also have social and mental needs. These needs require us humans to have law and order to be able to coincide serenely with ourselves, nature and the environment. The only way that law and order can be attained in human society is by a greater power. William Golding tries to hint on some of these features through the various characters he creates in his novel, Lord of the Flies. The characters need to feel some sense of security in order for them to survive. The protagonist in the story, Ralph, demonstrates how he overcomes his ethical collision as he gains the power to make the decisions that they feel should be made, sometimes for the better of the entire group, and sometimes for their own purpose.

Ralph is probably the most genial character in the whole story. Although he does not show empathy as deeply as Piggy, or is not as spiritual like Simon or even as energetic as Jack, there is something in him that appeals the audience. Ralph quickly takes the role of gathering the survivors. He does this by using Piggy's idea of the conch. When the boys arrive in the island, they automatically seek for some kind of law and order, since there are not any grown-ups. They want to belong to a group, with someone in charge to lead them, and make them feel safe. Ralph turns out to be this person, after being selected in a democratic voting. Ralph's main objectives are to form accommodations and produce a signal fire so they can be saved. He tries to perceive what everybody has to say. Ralph, being the eldest, sees that it is his responsibility to keep the kids in line. Jack thinks that a ship will come and rescue them. Ralph says, “If a ship comes near the island they may not notice us. So we must make smoke on the top of the mountain. We must make a fire.” (Golding 38). Ralph has one thing on his mind: getting home,...
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