Moot Court Outline

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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General Outline of a Moot Court Argument


May it please the court, my name is _____ and I represent the Petitioner/Respondent __(name)___.

With the court’s permission, I would like to reserve 2 minutes for rebuttal. Thank you. This case is on appeal from the District/Circuit Court (name of court). The District/Circuit Court denied Petitioner’s request for _____, holding _____.


Your honors, _______ is a violation of international law and we ask that you ________ for (the following) two/three reasons: 1. First, [substantive legal argument – strongest point] 2. Second [substantive legal argument]

3. And Third, as a matter of public policy OR as public policy dictates, [policy argument]


1. With respect to the first point your honors . . . OR First, . . .


Since [first point], [second point], and [third point], Petitioner/Respondent respectfully requests that this Court finds ____ a violation of international law. Thank you.

[REBUTTAL (for Petitioner ONLY)]
Respondent made one/two point(s) that I would like to address. (First) Respondent stated that . . . However, . . . OR Respondent contends that _____. However, . . .


- For Rebuttal:
o Attack misstatements and glossed-over weaknesses.
o Address concerns of the court.
o One to two points – most important point first.
- If you obviously and/or materially misspeak, say “rather, ____” OR “pardon me your honors, what I mean to say is ____” and correct yourself. - If you are really hard-pressed for a transition, say, “which brings me to my second/third point” and find a way to fit what you were talking about into that point. - If you are going to quote a case, drop the case language verbatim into your outline and KNOW the pin cite. - If you aren’t sure what the judge is asking, seek clarification. o This...
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