Mood and Weather

Topics: Season, Weather, Climate Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: December 28, 2011
How mood is affected by weather?
What kind of weather do you like? Sunny, rainy, windy, or stormy. We all have experienced that we are angry for somehow on the extreme hot day, or easy to cheer up on the sunny day, or feel drowsy on the rainy day. Those is the main factors to affect people’s mood and activities. The mood is affected by seasonal weather. On the summer time, because the temperature is high, people are easy to be irritated, depressive, and restless. It leads violence behavior occurs due to some arguing. According crime statistic, summer is highest rate of crime in the season. At the meantime, the summer also is relaxed and outdoor activities time, because no school, no homework, people usually like to go to beach, swimming and boating. They enjoy sun bathe, so that they would be more excited, smiley, sporty, and healthy at the sunny day. Spring is most people favorite’s season. All of plant is awake, flowers bloom, trees and grass green, etc. everything looks wonderful. The children play around the park with happy and carefree. The old people sit at the bench to enjoy nice sunshine and feed the birds, and their face looks peaceful. Therefore, warm sunshine weather brings pleasure and cheery atmosphere around them. However, rainy day at the spring is not acceptable for someone who doesn’t like the rain. On the fall time, windy weather can also affect mood. Some winds can create positive ions, as do electronics and heating and air conditioning systems, so on windy days people may be exposed to that positive balance both indoors and out.1 Although the climates and temperature of fall is good for a lots of people, not for the girl. They feel depressive and down because of lose a lots of hair and the skin is exceeded dry. However, they can’t deny that the fall is nice season for indoor and outdoor activities. On the winter season, most of people don’t like the cold, snowy, and windy weather. Because all of them has to wear a lot of clothes against...
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