Monumental Life Insurance Company (Mock Up) Enterprise Architecture

Topics: Enterprise architecture, Information technology governance, Decision making Pages: 6 (1825 words) Published: November 16, 2010
Purpose and Scope
The business concept drives the system design. The system design features determines the business’ ability to react. It will improve decision making and the elimination of inefficient and redundant processes. We the Architecture team will implement the process to build both the baseline and target. The architectures are maintained through a continuous modification to reflect the current business structure, practices, organizational goals, visions and technology. The Chief Architect will organize and manage the Enterprise Architecture core team; directs the development of the baseline and target architecture. This particular Enterprise Architecture is considered a Service Oriented Architecture as such the benefits lie in the areas of: decreased application development costs, decreased maintenance costs, increased corporate agility and increasing overall reliability by producing a system that is more resistant to application, equipment failure and disruption.

Background Information
Monumental Life provides life and health insurance products plus value-added services to meet basic insurance and financial security needs such as final expenses, income and mortgage replacement, education funding and supplemental retirement income. All products offered at the head office are available at all branches. Mission Statement “We are committed to helping families improve the quality of their lives.” Life brings us through many occasions and the events can be happy as well as painful. There’s marriage, divorce, retirement, birth of a baby, death of a parent, child or spouse. Whatever the future may bring life insurance and financial needs will change as well. Life insurance is needed when getting married, becoming a parent, moving to a new home, getting divorced, becoming a grandparent, loss of a loved one, changing your job, pre-funding a funeral, re-entering the workforce and retirement. No one plans on dying young or unexpectedly, but you can think of friends, relatives, or other people you’ve known who died too early. While no one wants to believe it could happen to us, it most certainly can and does! Monumental agents are available to assist in assessing the needs of the individual and can help them protect their family, dreams and future. However, there is currently limited access granted to these agents and a twenty-four (24) hour enquiry access is now recommended to boost sales. The process for creating a policy starts with the application, checks, approval and granting of the policy. Agents can only complete this process once on location at any of the branches and the completion is finalized after the data has gone through the transaction process broken down into batch processing within the system.

Baseline Enterprise Architecture
The Monumental Life Insurance Company is the largest insurer in Jamaica. They utilize a Customer Information Control System (CICS) to manage and maintain the process of transactions. It updates a master file at the end of each day. The file is built and designed based on an insurer application called CAPS-IL. Once the transactions are completed by the application it is sent through the system and the master file is compiled. Currently any policy, services or processes that are available at the head office is also available at the ten (10) branches. Agents are required to be at the organization in order to access the database and make updates or edit the files. The branches are linked to the head office via leased data lines. The Monumental Life Insurance Company has an Information System Department which consists of a development section (applications and database units) with a total of fifteen (15) persons, an operations unit totaling eleven (11) persons; technical support has eight (8) persons and help desk four (4) persons. However, each sub unit has a supervisor who then reports to a department manager. On average one hundred (100)...
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