Montana 1948

Topics: Space, Family, Paisley Park Records Pages: 1 (352 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Montana 1948 Analytical Writing Assignment

The way Frank has ruined David’s family bonds is symbolized by his destruction of the canning jars. When David learns that his Uncle Frank has abused Indian girls and has actually murdered one, all his good thoughts about his Uncle Frank shatter. How his Uncle Frank practiced sports with him, how he bought him nice things, how his Uncle Frank was perfect. “He’s smashing them…” (147). Doing one bad thing can change the whole world’s viewpoint on that specific person in less than a second. That’s what Uncle Frank did. He smashed the family’s good thoughts about him. In addition, everybody believed that Uncle Frank would eventually achieve something great throughout his life. Uncle Frank smashed those beliefs as well. He’s destroying the family bonds by breaking the family’s trust in him; just like how he’s smashing the canning jars. Uncle Frank doesn’t smash just one jar, but he actually smashes all the jars. “Another one crashed.” (147). David’s innocence is being corrupted a little at a time. Every time David learns about a new crime his Uncle Frank has done to his patients, a little part of his innocence shatters. His innocence just keeps getting shattered throughout the whole book. The only reason David knows about all the bad things his Uncle Frank has done is because he eavesdropped on his parents. Therefore, David can’t tell his parents what he knows because he wasn’t supposed to have obtained this information in the first place. He is now keeping secrets from his parents. “Another one. Was he spacing them at exact intervals?” (147). Uncle Frank is taking one family member at a time, and ruining his relationship with them; just like how he’s smashing one jar at a time at a certain pace. Because he ruined his relationship with his own family members, the entire family gets torn apart, just like how eventually, all the canning jars get smashed. Uncle Frank has impacted the entire Hayden family in a negative...
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